Participated in the Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition in 2014

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21 Nov,2014

Pores are the main defects in the casting and production of bimetal automobile brake drums, which are mainly distributed on the inner and outer walls of the brake drums.In order to obtain a complete brake drum casting, how can it be prevented?1. When casting brake drum castings, it is necessary to reduce the overheating temperature of the alloy when it melts, and minimize the contact time between the alloy liquid and the gas during smelting.2. Pay attention to the treatment of oxides and stains on the surface of steel parts, so sandblast the steel plate; remember to dry the steel parts.3. Where cast iron and steel parts are combined, pay attention to applying degassing coatings.4. Open an exhaust (overflow) riser on the process to enable the gas in the cavity to be timely.